AL Search

AL Search

Quickly search information on AniList

What is it?

AL Search is an unofficial browser extension for AniList which allows you to quickly search information on AniList.

The extension is available on Firefox, Chrome and Edge Chromium.

For Edge support, see here.

What's included?

Integrated search

AL Search comes with a light search interface which allows you to quickly search something on AniList and see results without having to go to the website itself.

You can search for anime, manga, studios, characters and staff. If you need to be a bit more specific with your search, you can also filter results by year and season for anime and manga.

If your are logged into AniList through AL Search, the extension will also return anime and manga on your lists.

AL Search screenshot

Contextual menus

AL Search adds a contextual menu that will appear when you select a text on a page.

This contextual menu lets you immediately search the selected text on AniList for all type of data available.

Contextual menus screenshot

Web integration

AL Search also adds a button on pages from a few websites related to anime and manga.

The button will (almost) always contains two links, the first one to visit the related page on AniList and the second one to open AniList search page

See more information about this feature in the dedicated section below.

Web integration screenshot

Browser search provider (Firefox only)

AL Search adds an anime search engine to the browser.

Starting your search using the keyword ani, the browser will automatically switch to this search engine and execute an anime search on AniList.

See more information about this feature in the dedicated section below.

Search provider screenshot

Technical information, limitations and known issues

About the web integration

Supported websites

Website Anime Manga Studios Characters Staff
ADN n/a n/a n/a n/a
AnimeLab n/a n/a n/a n/a
Crunchyroll n/a n/a n/a
Funimation n/a n/a n/a n/a
Hidive n/a n/a n/a n/a
Wakanim n/a n/a n/a n/a


  • None for now. If you think some websites should be added, feel free to contact me.

The following websites are currently not planned as I, the creator of AL Search, do not have access to these websites: Hulu.

The following websites are currently not planned because there is no reliable way to differentiate anime shows from other type of shows available on the service: Netflix and Prime Video.

Known limitations

It is virtually impossible to link every page on every website the extension could support to a related page on AniList. So the extension will always use the best match on AniList based on the page you are currently viewing to generate the link. For instance, if you are currently on the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure anime page on Crunchyroll, the extension will execute an anime search for "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure" and take the best match from the search results.

Be also aware that if you are browsing a website in a different language than English, the search results can return wrong data as AniList database is in English.

About the search provider

Why only on Firefox?

The search provider is only available on Firefox due to restrictions on Chrome.

To make it short, Chrome does not allow an extension to add a search provider for a website not owned by the creator of the extension. Therefore, it is impossible to add a search provider for AniList, or any other website, if the extension is not developed by the website owner.

Why only anime?

It is impossible to define multiple search providers per extension, and it is impossible to have multiple search urls for a single search provider. Since AniList does not have a global search page, the extension can only add one search provider limited to one type of data.

Anime was choosen because it is the main data on the website.

About translation

The extension is currently translated in English and French.

Please keep in mind that while the extension is translated, data on AniList are not and will always be in English.

About Edge Chromium

Chrome extensions from the Chrome web store can be installed on the Chromium version of Edge, so if you use this browser you can install the Chrome version of AL Search on it. Just keep in mind that the extension you'll use will still be the Chrome extension, so for instance if you log in to AniList you'll see the "AL Search Chrome is requesting permission to access your account" message and if you revoke the access token for the app in your settings you'll be logged out from the extension on Chrome and Edge.

Privacy Policy

What information is being stored within the extension?

The add-on settings. We'll also store the last searches you did and last results you opened (from within the add-on) if you choose to enable these options.

If you are logged in, we'll also store an API token used to interact with the AniList API as well as your username and avatar.

What information is collected?

No information other than what is required for the extension to function is collected: Your avatar and username will be used to show you which account is logged in, and we'll get anime and manga from your custom list in order to display search results from your lists separately from global search results.

However, the add-on uses the AniList API that we do not have control over, please check their terms of service if you want to know more about their policy.

How do we use the information?

The data stated above are used to provide the core add-on functionalities such as viewing search results from your custom lists.

What information/data do we share?

None of the collected data are shared with third-parties other than what has already been stated above.